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Our Experience

Experience can be many things to many people. We gain experience through working towards finding a solution. Experience can be found in our achievements and also in our mistakes. Through the years, from coming to America on April 30th, 1975 to working through college out of Lancaster, PA and into Rochester Institute of Technology, I have gained a lot of human experience. Having driven across the United States a total 5 times alone, I've seen a lot of what others have experienced.

So whether you're needing to downsize from a 5000 sq ft home or stepping into a 4 bedroom ranch, I can help you with those needs. I focus all my attention on helping create clarity by helping my clients define exactly what is truly important to them. Whether buying your first home or your last.

Real estate is not a complicated business. Yes, there are a lot of things involved with buying and selling real estate, but all that can be learned. The hardest part about real estate is the many personalities with everyone involved. Anyone can get a license and be an agent, but it takes a special person to be a great Realtor. It takes an even greater Broker to find that level where everyone in the real estate transaction feels good upon the finalizing of their sale or purchase, you know instantly that you have connected on a much deeper level. More than your typical client-broker relationship, but instead you've made a connection.

That's what I strive for, that bond that will allow me to be their life-long professional real estate consultant. I strive for my clients' willingness to refer me to their friends, family and neighbors. I strive to have them want to pick up their phones and say, "Here, you just have to talk with Phuong. He's the one we trust." That's what I still strive for after all these years in the real estate business.

Our Philosophy

My philiosophy is no different than what it's always been growing up, "Be the best you can be no matter what you're doing at the present moment." Whatever ROLE you happen to be at that particular moment, strive to be the best at that moment. I strive to be the best husband, father, friend, co-worker, community leader, and of course, Realtor I can be.

As Your Real Estate Consultant

The smartest people I know are smart because they surround themselves with smarter people. I try to do the same, I surround myself with the smartest and brightest people in the real estate industry. From the best and brightest Mortgage Lender, like Jay Jaffee to Kathleen Kirtley at Lawyer's Title and Escrow. When I need information fast, I turn to the experts. If I don't an answer to your question, I will get the answer. If you have a concern about your loan, I know who to call. Capital Investment Realty only works with vendors that have a perfect rating with their clients. I only recommend plumbers, electricians, contractors, landscaping experts that I know are going to perform at the same level as myself. Everything else, is not good enough. Everyone can claim to be the best, but most people can see pass that within seconds of talking to them. I don't plan on talking my way into gaining your trust, I plan on earning it. I let my results and clients speak for me. Give me a few minutes of your time and I assure you, you will be very very impressed. Better yet, talk to some of my past clients and you will see for yourself. So, if you've got a minute, we should talk :)

I'm never too busy for your business, call for a consultation today at 503-317-9764.

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Step 1. Fill Out Application w/ American Pacific Mortgage

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Step 2. Lender Shops Best Prices

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Step 3. Pre-Approval in Minutes

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